Meet Ginger

15 hand Thoroughbred mare, 20+ years old

Ginny came to us years ago as our first boarder.  She was pregnant and needed some TLC.  I watched and assisted as her baby (filly) was born.  After some months her owner decided to sell her and the baby…I just couldn’t let her go, so I bought them both.  She became my favorite horse to ride, full of energy and such a pretty mover.  It became apparent that somewhere in her past she had some good training.

One morning when I went to feed, I found her in severe pain.  Got her loaded on the trailer and into the vet.  The news was devastating.  Her knee was fractured (shattered), and she only had a slight chance of recovering.  The vets told me to take her back home, which I did barely able to see through my tears.  They later told me that they truly expected to get a call from me that she was down and needed to be euthanized.  I would groom her and sing to her daily, kept her confined and quiet (not easy for Ginny).  She made a miraculous recovery, is perfectly sound with only a loss to her range of motion in that knee.

We don’t jump her anything more than 1’, which she loves.  She is a favorite for leasers that want to feel the wind or run the barrels.

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